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15 years of experience in 3 languages 

Working with kids (piano and guitar lessons, ages 

For the past 15 years I've been teaching a wide variety of music students through private lessons, work in schools and workshops. I've been working a lot with kids, especially at young ages (4 - 12 years old), something I care deeply about because I always felt it gave me the chance to expand the  pass on a set of tools I believe 

and always  my role as an educator to them . I also worked for 5 years with children with autisme, using advanced educational techniques based on ABA therapy (Applied Behavior Analysis). This experience 

Advanced lessons - 

Beginner lessons - 

I've been working a lot with kids, something I love doing. 

My lessons span on a few main categories range from piano basics for young beginners and amateur adults

as young as 4 years old, all the way through adults and confirme musicians

and been regularly giving lessons to confirmed musicians who want to expand and deepen their abilities as improvisers, jazz musicians



educational techniques based on ABA therapy (Applied Behavior Analysis)




Jazz and improvisation


Composition and arrangement


Sessions (all instruments)



Piano (Basics/beginners)

Any age from 4 years old through adults. 









Music notation with Sibelius and MusicScore


Video editing basics with Adobe Premire Pro